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I was born in Coventry and lived there for
31 years before making the gigantic step
of moving to Nuneaton due to work commitments. (About 12 miles down the road).

Right from my early school days I enjoyed
art and  taught myself mostly through copying some of the old Masters works.
At the age 18  I had my first
commissioned painting from our
local football team to paint a picture
 for them to auction at a charity event.

I have had different jobs throughout my life,  but drawing and painting have always played an important  and
 enjoyable part of it, being part of an art club, exhibiting
 my pictures and have now been teaching for over
10 years.
Before taking the leap into becoming a professional artist,
 I was a partner in a garden design business, making a living combining the two things I like best, art and gardening.
  Even though I enjoyed doing the garden designs, my
aim was to work and develop solely on the art side.
 I paint whenever I get the chance and vary the subject
matter of my paintings as much as I can to keep
 the already mastered techniques fresh. 
If you donít use it you loose it!
I enjoy painting most subjects including landscapes,
seascapes, snowscapes,  townscapes, waterways,
animals, still life and portraits. 

I am often asked who my favourite artists are and find this a hard question to answer as there are
now so many great artists with fabulous work
 over the centuries who's work we can all so
easily access via the internet to look at. 
  Three that stand out for me are
 Turner for his use of colour, and
Constable for his painting of skies.
James Tissot for his painting of people.
I enjoy teaching art and now hold one and
two day watercolour painting courses at
various locations within the U.K.
for beginners and improvers.
I also run a free on-line watercolour art club for
all those who have been on one of my courses.
Details of these can be
found at